It has been a while i know but life has had its ups and downs and all around more so than usual. A breakup with the BF of 2 and a bit years, unemployment, health and rah...

Thanks to a friend, her crotchet and seedy old man BF < insider joke, i have found my lonely angsty artist who creates beauty when she feels unbeautiful. Or i just have no boy distractions. Either or.
I had typed out this rather heart felt meandering mind talk, but in my endeavors to use mobile technology over the standard PC.
It got lost in the nether.To which point I am feeling a little bit put out  with the whole thing and feel this will be the first and last time for the moment. * dusts of PC *
So im trying to figure out how to modify the collar on this little lady. Hope i can get the help i need. Pictures should explain the issue better. Click to enlarge.
I couldnt wait any longer. Despite still waiting on my recent purchased patterns, today i went and bought the fabric and bits to go with. My hope is to make this beauty to wear as office clothing. 1950s Hepburn style dress and an 80s inspired chiffon blouse.
Yes im going down the chiffon route. Wish me luck.
Soft black cotton, (not cheap homespun) and off white chiffon at $10 a meter. Not a cheap trip.
So my Dad thought it would be handy dandy for me to be in posession of a Graphics tablet. So tad-da! It arrived today and is fully installed and wireless. Now to figure out what to do.
I believe that we get to make the rules, that we get to choose, that we get to craft the exact life that has been waiting for us. And when we do, we become fully alive.
My dear Mother is inspired and awed by creativity (she lacks the self belief she can make pretty-interesting things. Which is folly) 

One person who she finds a chearful addition to the human society is Kelly Rae Roberts. A self made artist and business owner who belives anything is possble with a bit of work.

As a gift, Mother has purchased KRRs e-publication Flying Lessons: Tips and Tricks to Help Your Creative Biz Soar. A how to and ins and houts of being a artist and selling your shiz. 

I appreciate this and am eager to see what i can learn. 

You know how you find yourself short on time and you wonder why, when you don't feel you do or achieve much? Well that's what im feeling right now.

Finding work has been my main priority  with Landscape Architecture jobs being a scarce item, ive been forced to apply for any run-of-the-mill admin positions. Anything! Just so i can get some money of my own and move out with the BF again. Also being able to fund my hobbies.

My dream of owning and living in a unit then, marriage, 4 kids and a house designed by myself  situated on acreage is a long way off.

On to more interesting things, i broke in my new Burda Vintage Modern sewing book and almost completed (could have finished 2 weeks ago but im a bum) a simple 1960s dress of purple and Asian print. Want to get done and finish the same style in bright orange and kaleidoscopic print before Friday 8th. In time for the Burdastyle Vintage Modern contests. Woot! Its always good entering online comps, keeps one active.

Im just beaten down by work and heat. Im inspired but motivation lacks.

But i must kick start myself soon as im going to be commencing study in Environmental Management. Yay! Have alredy started teaching myself Spanish (another delayed dream) and perhaps learning Piano. Anything to make my life worth while. Also to help my grey cells stay fresh and sprightly, despite another year older next month. Oh gawds i feel older already. 

Anyways, enjoy what little i have for you and till next time. Or as the ysay in Spain, hasta la vista!
Its been a task for me not to blog about my recent happenings. One i did not want to spoil my Christmas surprises and two ive barely had time to sit at a computer to type.

First off the mark was my friends Birthday Present. A blue rendition of the purple skull bow i made. Her favorite colour being bright blue and theme nerdy goth. To be honest the whole design was inspired by her, but i had intended to make a zombie pinup cameo but didnt work out. 
For my nieces i made framed illuminated text with they initials  Water colour and acrylic painting depicting theur birth flowers and stones. The Celtic knot was fun. 
The frame was a simple baby yellow wood paint, crackle medium, gold powder brushed into the cracks and a final gloss coat.
I also was a lucky gal this Christmas in what i got from Santa and Family. I asked and got some art supplies, asked and got a puzzle (shameful squeal when it turned out to be a Disney princess puzzle), sonic screwdriver from my beloved (again a squeal), nerdy nick-nacks and so on.

But the cream of the crop was the latest pattern book by Burda designers. Making Vintage Modern is a DIY how to on making fashions from the 1920's onward applicable to today's trends. To make it a little sweeter i also was given last years publication by Burda which provides basic patterns and how they can be modified. 

But the absolute cherry on the proverbial cake was the shiny new sewing machine. Santa thought i was a good girl this year ;)