Following my post about Pirates, it seems im attempting to get in tune with my inner child.

Ill start with my rediscovered fascination with the Fair Folk. Growing up i had a passion for faeries and my belief in them outlasted my belief in St Nick by many years. Truth be told there is a part of me that my cynicism has not fully overcome in my old age, and that is the little girl who swears that she saw the fair folk after many years of wishing it. Sadly for her she was terrified to explore what she witnessed and to this day regrets it.

Until now that is. 

For some reason i had the desire to research the history of fairies and was intrigued by what i discovered.
~ Fairies originally were of human stature and did not have wings
~ The insect like beings we know of today originated during the Medieval and Victorian eras
~ Biblical fairies are said to be the creatures aught between heaven and hell. Neither Angels or Demons  One legends tells of when a group of angels revolted against God who then exiled them from heaven and locking the gates back in. However in locking the gate he also locked out other of creatures he created who had been accidentally caught up in the turmoil.
~ They are also said to be the souls of the deceased  This category includes the likes of the Banshee, imagine that lady as a ''Fairy''.
~ Fairies are strong advocates for nature and are the guardians of Gods creation. However they scorn humans as we have strayed from the natural order and mistreat Nature and Gods will. So they tend to play dirty tricks on us like stealing our children, messing around with our things and just being vindictive.
~ My favorite myth/legend/fact is the idea that fairies are aliens who have visited us throughout the ages. This is explained by the random abductions the folk perform as well as their strange physical features.

So here is my first interpretation of a Fairy. My intention is to highlight the between nature of fairies by giving them horns. The more ''heavenly'' they are the smaller their horns, the more tricky the bigger the horns.


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