You know how you find yourself short on time and you wonder why, when you don't feel you do or achieve much? Well that's what im feeling right now.

Finding work has been my main priority  with Landscape Architecture jobs being a scarce item, ive been forced to apply for any run-of-the-mill admin positions. Anything! Just so i can get some money of my own and move out with the BF again. Also being able to fund my hobbies.

My dream of owning and living in a unit then, marriage, 4 kids and a house designed by myself  situated on acreage is a long way off.

On to more interesting things, i broke in my new Burda Vintage Modern sewing book and almost completed (could have finished 2 weeks ago but im a bum) a simple 1960s dress of purple and Asian print. Want to get done and finish the same style in bright orange and kaleidoscopic print before Friday 8th. In time for the Burdastyle Vintage Modern contests. Woot! Its always good entering online comps, keeps one active.

Im just beaten down by work and heat. Im inspired but motivation lacks.

But i must kick start myself soon as im going to be commencing study in Environmental Management. Yay! Have alredy started teaching myself Spanish (another delayed dream) and perhaps learning Piano. Anything to make my life worth while. Also to help my grey cells stay fresh and sprightly, despite another year older next month. Oh gawds i feel older already. 

Anyways, enjoy what little i have for you and till next time. Or as the ysay in Spain, hasta la vista!