Made me a nice Pirate outfit not too long ago. It was intended for my nieces 4th birthday but i have subsequently worn it to Halloween and wish to wear it many time more.

Also happily made my partner and his 6yo son outfits to match.

All extremely simple and cheap too. With the help of the interwbs and my local ip shop, i discovered its not too hard to make a daggy pirate outfit. 

My outfit
~ Hat hand from an old couch cover and cardboard
~ Satin oversised shirt. Modifications: Cut out oversized collar, removed buttons and sewed opening, inserted ribbon ties through collar, shortened sleeves, inserted ribbon ties into sleeves.
~ Short skirt
~ Bodice made from a couch cover and skewers
~ My knee high boots
~ Fishnet stockings~Foam sword and belt with fabric sword buckle
~ Lace detail and hand made adornments

My partner
~ Oversize shirt with collar removed and string tie instead of buttons
~ Black phat pants tucked into boots
~ Red bandanna and single silver hoop earring
~ Foam sword and belt with fabric sword buckle

~ Jeans, pirate print bandanna
~ Vest made from the couch cover plus a gold skull and cross bones an back
~ ~Foam sword and belt with fabric sword buckle


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